3D Modeler / Texture Artist looking for a fast-paced fun team environment where creativity is key with plenty of challenging work and learning opportunities

• Detail-oriented 3D Modeler
• Working knowledge of the game development production pipeline
• Experience in Waterfall and Agile management methods
• Experience creating procedural and photo-based textures
• Skilled level editor and scripter
• Experience working with small and large teams



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Brown College (March 2009)
Bachelor of Science, Game Design and Development

Hennepin Technical College (March 2002)
Diploma, Digital Media Designer

Archon Games (May 2009 - August 2009)
Texture Artist (Created highly stylized textures, optimized models, unwrapped models)

Preferred Interactive (January 2009 - March 2009)
Intern (Created detailed 3d models and photo realistic textures)

Target Corporation (1998 - Present)
Flow/Logistics (organized team members, carried out tasks, worked with guests)

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